Science, research and development

Our department focuses on three basic areas of science, research and development with regard to the long-term direction of the department. To solve the given theme, we also involve colleagues from other departments and sections and use the high-quality and often above-standard technical equipment of the entire university.

In addition, the department has a prototype workshop with the possibility of producing preparations, basic components of machines, and equipment. This enables us to perform contracts and projects better and more efficiently.

Why to cooperate with us?

We have experience in solving practical problems and assignments from industry.

Our team has been working on projects and contracts from industry for a long time. We have many successfully completed projects (recently: AGC, FOR-G, AVETON and others – další), as well as contracts (Preciosa Ornela, Rieter další). 

We can transfer the results of basic research into practice.

A great idea or the result of basic research is not enough. The path to practical application is long and difficult. We are aware of this, and we have already gone through this process with our partners many times, for example in the projects: FOR-G, SKLOPAN, Porous Glass Plasticine, 3D printing from glass and others (další).

A broader view of the issue allows us to come up with unique solutions.

We are not narrowly specialised, and we work in many different areas of research. That is our advantage! We can correctly understand the results of experiments and draw the necessary conclusions from them. The results can subsequently lead to improvements in devices, optimisation of technology, or new technologies and products. We follow trends in the areas of glass production and technology, robotics, effectors and automation, and image acquisition and processing. In addition, the university environment provides us the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from other departments and sections, and we use the high-quality and often above-standard technical equipment of the entire university. Examples are the projects Porous Glass Plasticine, Glasio, Robot for sampling in the primary cooling circuit of a nuclear reactor, and others (další).

Our overview allows us to perform research that companies have no time for in normal practice.

You can often encounter a problem in practice that should be solved, but because “everything has worked so far, production must go on”. However, if the company doesn’t employ someone new, the problem can be solved by working together on a specific problem with us. Based on experiments and analyses at the state-of-the-art equipment at the Technical University of Liberec, we can provide a broader view of the issue and help solve the problem. We collaborate with companies mainly on the basis of contracts in the framework of so-called supplementary activities (další).

The university has a sufficient portfolio of machines and equipment.

We do not want to offer a pig in a poke, we are able to test a whole range of things on real functional samples (další).

We can provide everything for the preparation of a joint project or voucher within national and international calls.

We can prepare and help lead projects and vouchers that are announced by national and international institutions. If a company does not have experience with grant titles, we can help in all phases of the project (preparation, submission, solution, termination of the project). We have provided this assistance several times already.

We can perform contracts in collaboration with clients and are usually cheaper than private companies.

We perform contracts in close collaboration with clients, and we are often approached by companies with tasks that private companies have already refused. Even for these contracts, we try to find solutions and look for other, unique solutions. Analysis of hot water film of electric car batteries for Škoda Auto, adhesion control equipment for Rieter CZ, development of the BeatFit game element and others (další).

What we cannot do

Perform tailor-made contracts with 24/7 service.

We cannot perform contracts “immediately”. However, we can agree on the time schedule of the project.

Science, research and development outside our focus, but we can advise who to turn to.

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