Glass Producing Machines

Metals in Glass Producing Technologies

Liberec, September 13, 2018


Conferences on Glass Producing Machines and Seminar on Metals in Glass Producing Technologies take place regularly every three years. This traditional conference was organised by Czech Glass Society together with Department of Glass Producing Machines and Robotics, Technical University Liberec. The conference was held on September 13, 2018, again on the ground of Technical University of Liberec.

Personal meetings might seem useless in current time of internet, mobile phones and modern communication methods. Call, send an e-mail, or find an appropriate information on internet is very fast and possible from everywhere. Meeting your colleagues on a real conference might appear as a waste of time. However, it turned out to be contributing and productive. Flow of ideas during discussions is due to several different opinions turned different ways very often you find another opinion or solution on your unsolved problem. Following the presentations not exactly from your field might uncover a link to your topics, as there is only one physics. It is difficult to meet and discuss with the people out of your field of production, but you might find an inspiration to solve your problems by them. It is also very difficult to share the taste of the snack and coffee in the virtual world. All of the mentioned is easily accessible during the conference. It is much easier to share information in personal contact. That is why the conference.

Why glass producing machines and metals in glass technologies? Glass production without automation is inconceivable. 96 to 98% of the overall glass production was in Czech Republic made on automatic lines. This number would be similar for the EU. Logical is also a usage of new materials, metals including.

Time goes on and it is necessary to think about the future. From every side you can hear 4th industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, 3D print, confocal sensors, inter-metallic, etc. These terms will accompany us in a glass industry more and more often.

The aim of the conference and seminar was to show current state of art in glass producing machines, technologies and to outline developmental trends. Equally important was the transfer of knowledge and experiences between conference participants. This was also realised during the non-formal meeting in Radniční sklípek in town hall of Liberec.

There were 57 experts from production plants, supplier companies, universities and research institutes participating the conference. The conference was opened by speech of Mr. Petr Beránek, foreman of Czech Glass Society, who highlighted the importance of such specialized conferences and thanked the organizers. A Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering professor Petr Lenfeld greeted participants of the conference and he wished them best of luck.

It is possible to get the idea about conference content from Program. Contributions as a widened abstracts are available in PDF files in Proceedings.

Conference and associate seminar were very positively evaluated by the participants. Atmosphere of both actions was friendly, the conference was on high technical standard and it fulfils its purpose. We may wish for more participants, but that is probably a question of long-term interest of experts from Czech Republic and from abroad. In any case it is visible, that this conference lives, also thanks to a long tradition and high technical standard of previous conferences.

Conference was supported by sponsors

Preciosa      Crystalex Nicoletcz      IPI IPM AV21 AV21

Conference was supported by companies Nadace Preciosa, Institut průmyslového inženýrství, s.r.o., Liberec, Crystalex a.s., Nový Bor, Ústav fyziky materiálů, Akademie věd ČR, Praha, Nicolet CZ, s. r. o., Praha. Medial partner of the conference was a journal Sklář a keramik. Organisers would like to thank all of the sponsors.

Photos from the conference and seminar might be found in Photogallery.

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