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12th International Conference on Glass Producing Machines








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The twelfth conference on glass producing machines passed in Liberec, from 19th to 20th of September, 2006. This significant specialists meeting took its place traditionally on Technical University of Liberec. Conference was organised by Czech Glass Society and the Department of Glass producing machines and Robotics, which provided it with a professional guarantee and complete organisation arrangement.

11th International Conference on Glass Producing Machines

Czech Glass Society Prague

Technical University of Liberec - Department of Glass and Ceramic Producing Machines

The opening ceremony was inaugurated by prof. Ing. Petr Louda, CSc., Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical engineering. He greeted participants, thanked to organisers and congratulated doc. Ing. Jaroslav Belda, CSc. on his 80th birthday and doc. Ing. Vladimír Klebsa, CSc., who was just seventy. Both mentioned had been Heads of the department.

The VIP guest of the conference was Dr. Ing. Štěpán Popovič, CSc. - general manager of Glaverbel Czech, who presented the first talk with the topic: “Trend of the capacity growth in flat glass production and processing”. This was the top talk of the first day of conference, which was anyway noticeable in participants’ interest. The talk presented new perspective on the strategy global development of flat glass production, enhanced with corresponding marketing analysis.

Czech Glass Society committee used the opportunity to handover the Glass price for year 2005. Laureate was the significant expert in glass producing industry Ing. Josef Smrček, CSc., for his active work for CGS. The price was handed over by the chairman of CGS, Ing. Petr Beránek. The price for young Glassman was given to Ing. Jan Macháček PhD. for his excellent work with the theme: “Simulation of siliceous glass’ molecular dynamics”.

The conference as usual awakened a considerable interest by exerts from this field. From total 95, 11 of them were from abroad. The conference focused on exchange of knowledge and experiences from research and application of glass producing machines, automatic production lines, constructional models, components, production machines and equipments, manipulators and peripheries.

Company presentation, realized through 8 shows and 5 posters, was a part of conference as well. Talkers presented in total 23 professional papers. The conference content is possible to check at Program of conference.

Photos from the conference are available in webpages.

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