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The Department Offers to Students:

  • Knowledge in perspective and dynamical branch.
  • Advanced approaches to solving of problems using computer art.
  • Knowledge of advanced technologies in the manufacturing of glass and fine ceramics.
  • Knowledge of machines and equipment for advanced manufacture of glass and ceramics and the designing and projecting of automatic production lines.
  • The basics for designing robotized technological workstations.
  • Methodical and practical knowledge in designing special single-purpose machines, and manipulators.
  • Practical use of advanced methods of computer-aided designing (CAD/CAM).
  • The solving of topical industrial problems in design projects and degree works.
  • The possibilities of using the finite elements method during designing.
  • The use of standardized automatic elements, modules and components during designing.
  • The possibility of independent work in the laboratory of computer art.
  • Entry in the competition for the best degree work, which is endowed with the award of the Czech Glass Society.
  • Entry in the competition for the best term work (within the bounds of the Project II), which is endowed with money from the Preciosa Foundation.
  • Educational visits to advanced glass and ceramics plants.
  • The possibility to continue in the PhD programme.
  • Cooperation and help in searching for a job.
  • Potentials for placement in companies´ scholarships.