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About the Department - The Department's Activities

The department of glass and ceramics machinery is concerned with educating experts who come into their own in the glass industry as well as in the industry of fine ceramics. Since 1963, when the department was established, more than 700 students have graduated. Now they work as design engineers, researchers and techno-economic staff - all in top positions.

The department has prepared universally educated mechanical engineers with appropriate knowledge in machine design, design computations, projecting, as well as in the methodology of designing. The accent is on problems of machine designs for the glass and the fine ceramics industries and appropriate knowledge of the applied glass and ceramics manufactures and technologies, computer art and management.

When solving practical problems the department staff co-operates closely with Czech industry companies. Join-stock companies AGC FLAT GLASS CZECH Teplice, AGC AUTOMOTIVE EUROPE Chudeřice, PRECIOSA (Jablonec nad Nisou), SKLO BOHEMIA (Světlá nad Sázavou), KAVALIER (Sázava) and SKLOSTROJ TURNOV CZ Turnov. are its most important partners. Co-operation with glass and ceramics firms is reflected not only in themes of the students´ thesis projects, but also in their extraordinary interest in graduates. Job offers for the department's graduates are three times higher than the actual number of students leaving the programme.